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Chris Brown ft. Tyga - Ayo (Official Video)

Video: Chris Brown ft. Tyga - Ayo (Official Video) HD

Lyrics / Letra de la canción: Chris Brown ft. Tyga - Ayo
I need you [x8]

We poppin' like ayo
All my bitches got real hair chilling with the top down
Screaming like ayo
I'mma take her ass down when she bring her friend around
Fuck �em both like ayo
I'm a bougie ass nigga left the roof at home
We popping like ayo, ayo, ayo
But don't be acting like I need you

Ahhh! Aye babe this my new shit
I'm the black Richie Rich with the roof missing
If it don't make dollars it don't make sense
Z, wake up like I gotta get it
And I got an engine full of trunk space
I get money three ways, fucking bitches three ways
7 different foreigns plus she's no hable
But I make that bitch walk with some cheesecake
Yeah, I'm the coldest nigga, icy...

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