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Mia Martina - HFH (Heart F**king Hurts) [Official Video]

Video: Mia Martina HFH (Heart F**king Hurts) [Official Video] HD

Lyrics / Letra de la canción: Mia Martina HFH (Heart F**king Hurts)
I don't feel like smiling, no
There's nothing u can do for me
Today I just feel like dying
Funny, now you seem to care if I bleed

It's too late for a fix, I'm a wreck ova this
Done with that sh*t that you say
Don't pretend like I'm overreacting again
Well, excuse me for feelin' this way!

My heart f**king hurts
Yeah, my heart f**king hurts

(Verse 2)
I'm not a super human
I could still break from all the pain
I'm not immune to loosing
All the games you make me play

Don't you think if I could then I would
Pull this knife from my back an move on
Tell me why would I want to just lay here and cry
All I want is your ghost to be gone!...

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