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Shift K3Y - Name & Number (Official Video)

Shift K3Y - Name & Number (Official Video) HD

Lyrics / Letra de la canción: Shift K3Y Name & Number
[Verse 1]
See this girl from across the room
She's the type to make you lose your cool
Kinda hard not to recognise
She's with another guy
I can see that she don't even care
If she's not allowed
Oh, and it hurts to know
A love like this is underground, tell me, do you hear me?

Lady, leave your name and number
On my body so that I won't forget ya
Blinding lights, fill your eyes
I won't think twice, I want you like no other

[Verse 2]
It's impossible to hide us
Even thought he bought you diamonds
Just say the word and I'll come to rescue you
Cause he just wants to keep you silent
You need to know that I've been told
The things he does when you're not around
And I believe that you just need some time
To fool around

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