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Dj Antoine ft. Storm - Woke Up Like This (Official Video)

Video: Dj Antoine ft. Storm - Woke Up Like This (Official Video)

Lyrics / Letra de la canción: Dj Antoine ft. Storm - Woke Up Like This
Check out the jacket that i'm wearing
You can't rock it like me
See how i watch it with my necklace
And the gold in my teeth

I Got those Jimmy Choo blues
And the black version too
I'm in the Jimmy Woo booth
And I'm sipping that juice

I'm in the premier league
I don't even neet to sleep
'Cause i'm 24/7 like that
I'm drinking coffee and Jack
At 6am on my back
'Cause i'm 24/7 like that

I got that fast car, fast life, no kid, no wife
Money, money, money, money on my mind
Crazy filthy rich, all the girls they wanna kiss

I just don't know what it is #iwokeuplikethis

i woke up like this [x2]

Now you're always gon' deny it
But you wish you was me
You see the pictures on my phone
You're like damn... freaky
Puffing on them cubans in the back of my car
I got this pretty fly girl, but i'm breaking her heart

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